Holiday + Rants

          Hello again after a long time (sighs) seems like I'm still a failure of trying my best in updating the blog daily. Well, can't blame myself though since I keep going through hectic days. Yup, that explains well how my practicum session is going on extremely hectic. Whatever, I still can't believe that I'm actually a teacher now (even though it's not really legit lol since I'm still the practical one) but yeah — I do feel like I'm a real teacher, I guess? Yeah, having to deal with the brats (read: naughty kids) is such a headache and it made me felt quite disappointed since I usually love children but — my perception is slowly changing because of what I've been through. The thing that I noticed while going through my practicum session is how different kids nowadays are compared to my days. Perhaps, it's because of the technological factors or parenting styles (just saying) which makes it become like this but yeah, I'm trying my best to face it and just deal with it yo.

          By the way, I'm glad that I finally managed to enjoy holidays again, normally (read: screw college's holidays) ohohohoho I felt like I'm going back to my schooldays because heck yes, I love long-ass holidays (whoops). It's absolutely a chance for me to run away from the reality for a while and a break that I would appreciate. Thanks to the Ministry, I'm back to my hometown in Terengganu after three months, I think and I miss it so so so bad. Especially the food, lol and also the loves I'm receiving from my grandparents (gosh I love being pampered).

          OH AND YES. Let's forget about all of the frustrating thoughts that I had before lol it's not beneficial after all /face-palms/. A good news just got released today which is Wanna One's Fanmeeting in Malaysia guys omg omg omg omg finally! (please excuse my fangirling mode lol. I've known that it would get announced hahahaha lol IME took quite a time to confirm it. I'm truly glad that YMC Entertainment did notice our country and I couldn't wait to meet my boys and fellow Malaysian Wannables! It's going to be an exciting moment for all of us dsjdshdkfkfdkfjk (alien language wtf) I'm quite positive that I'm going no matter what because I wanna meet Lai Guanlin so bad in real-life (cries). Let's hope that IME is generous enough to serve us the affordable price of tickets since most of the fans are students (sobs the struggle of being a dedicated fan)

        Guess that I've written long enough? Yeah, my fingers already felt sore (because I wrote too much lesson plans duh blame my procrastination). So I hope that everyone has a good holiday and spend all of your times with the beloved ones! That's all for today, adios!